Message From Chairman

Congratulation for joining Greenlife. You have just started a journey that will change both your health and financial status from better to best.


Prof. Lin Hu, PhD                     Dr. Li Liangyuan
Greenlife Group                         CEO & Vice President
Chairman                                          Greenlife Group

Greenlife News

Brief Introduction

Welcome to Greenlife. Greenlife is a multinational company, engaging itself in distribution of herbal products and other commodities through DIRECT SALES MARKETING. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (T.C.M) and its treasures to everybody, everywhere in the world…..


Company Profile

Greenlife is a global direct selling company owned by China Greenlife Group. It was founded in 1988, and it started direct sales in 1998. It is mainly focused on manufacture, distribution of herbal, especially transitional Chinese herbal products and other commodities through direct sales marketing. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the traditional Chinese medicine and its treasure to everybody, everywhere.


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