Network Development Plan

We have the strong belief that a journey of one thousand miles starts with a step, so follow the success steps in Greenlife step by step till you get the top.

Determination, Commitment, Focus, Perseverance and Continuity are the tools you need to climb to the highest step of success. Follow the steps, as follows. Don’t be distracted.


Your benefits as you register in Greenlife with 15 USD include:
(1) Sponsoring others,
(2) Retail profit,
(3) General bonus,
(4) Leadership bonus,
(5) Retirement package,
(6) Special awards,
(7) Honorary awards.

Special Awards

We prepared attractive special awards:
(1) Free International Trip
(2) Small Brand New Car
(3) Cash Award: $25,000 Value

Honorary Awards

We provide unmatched Honorary Awards:
(1) International Gate Way Vacation
(2) Big Car Award
(3) House Award

Qualification & Special Features

To qualify for any of Greenlife Awards, a member must develop 4 direct planners, and each of the 4 direct planners must develop 4 planners each.