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Activation & Special Features

To qualify for any of Greenlife Awards, a member must develop 4 direct planners, and each of the 4 direct planners must develop 4 planners each.


As you do business with Greenlife, try to activate your business line monthly as follows:
Team Leaders                 – 15 PV
Assistant Supervisor   – 20 PV
Supervisor                       – 25 PV
Directors                          – 40 PV

Special Feature

(1) To keep researching for high quality herbal health products to tackle any problem of ill-health as it affects mankind.

(2) To distribute/supply these herbal health products and other commodities to everybody anywhere in the world according to the need and demand, so the availability of these products are granted.

(3) Bonus are paid according to your generation, no breakaway, no cycling, no S.S.D, so you earn from all your down lines no matter their position.

(4) You get all your special awards anytime you qualify so no time limit, no rush. You can get the cash equivalent award as you wish.

Free International Trip  – 3,500 USD
Small Car                              – 14,000 USD
Cash Award                         – 25,000 USD
Gate Way Vacation          – 30,000 USD
Jeep Award                         – 45,000 USD
House Award                      – 100,000 USD

(5) In case of any reason you did not activate your business line, you don’t lose your bonus, your bonus keep hanging until you activate for that very month, then you receive your bonus.