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Your benefits as you register in Greenlife with 15 USD include:
(1) Sponsoring others,
(2) Retail profit,
(3) General bonus,
(4) Leadership bonus,
(5) Retirement package,
(6) Special awards,
(7) Honorary awards.

 Bonus percentage
 1  Sponsor others
 2  20% Retail profit
3  20% Bonus
 4  5% Bonus
 5  5% Bonus
 3% Bonus
 3% Bonus
 8  2% Bonus

Additionally, in order to give our members the best of the best encourage, we are now giving additional bonus include:
(1) Additional Sponsoring Bonus:
From the extra 50 BV (the first 50 BV after the qualifying 150 BV), you can get:

 Generation Bonus Percentage
 G01 25%
 G02 2%
 G03 2%
 G04 2%
 G05 2%
 G06 5%

(2) Real Infinity Bonus
For Assistant Supervisor Award Winners, he/she can earn 0.5% bonus from the 150 qualifying BV of his/her G12 (12th Generation), G13, G14, G15, ......, up to infinite generations, each.

Retirement Package

Team Directors share 2% of Total Global Sales quarterly. (Note: To earn from the Global Share, Member must be Team Director Award winner, who accumulates 2000 PV each month from his/her Downlines that are not Team Director Award Winner. Also must make 40 ppv each month.)

Leadership Bonus

All team leaders who earn 25 USD and above as bonus in each month will benefit from this plan.