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Honorary Awards

International Gate Way Vacation: $30,000 Value

The Team Directors (Award winner) should develop 1 team director (award winner) after qualifying for cash award with NDC of 1,000,000PV at anytime.

Big Car Award: $45,000 Value

Produce 2 more Team Directors(award winner) from 3 different networks each at anytime, after qualifying for International Gate Way Award

 with NDC of 1,300,000 PV at anytime.

House Award: $100,000 Value

Option 1: Produce 1 more Team Director(award winner) from 4 different networks with NDC of 450,000 each at anytime, after qualifying Big Car Award;

Option 2: Produce 3 team directors (award winners) from 6 different networks (i.e. total of 6 team director award winners from different networks) for Big Car Award at anytime.